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The smart paradise

The future of the smart home is already a reality on the Hohe Warte hill. An additional highlight: the tailor-made concierge service!

Residents of the Garden of Eden apartments are free to decide for themselves how much technology they would like built in to their home.

The “brain” of each apartment is a home server, which uses the KNX bus system and allows all functions to be controlled via the app.

Individual tempered living space according to personal references, daytime and the owner's presence.

Individual tempered living space according to personal references, daytime and the owner's presence.


  • Room temperature control, using room thermostats and heating regulators
  • Shade control for external Venetian blinds
  • Internal lighting controls (dimmable light settings optional)
  • Intercom with video screen (at garden door and building entrance)
  • Alarm systems
  • Temperature readings and controls via weather station
  • On-call concierge services
  • Curtain controls and multimedia set-ups of every kind optional

App or light switch?

The app is available to all buyers and tenants: as soon as they move in, if desired they can control all equipment, services and technology in their new home – from the curtains to lighting, heating, smoke alarms and door locks, and they can even call the concierge. All of this is easily done using the app.

Each client can create their own individual package based on the wide range of possibilities – controlled using the app or conventional switches on the walls.

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The ideal and individual temperature

The temperature in each room is maintained according to personal preferences, the time of day and whether residents are present. It is controlled by sensors and makes allowance for the intensity of sunlight.

Heating is turned back on automatically when residents return from a holiday – and if plans change, adjustments can be made simply by entering new settings via a smartphone.

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Programmable, controllable lighting moods

An individually choreographed lighting programme creates the desired atmosphere in different areas of the apartment according to the time of day and even the day of the week. Movement sensors turn the lights off when residents leave a room or the apartment – but all lights and appliances can easily be turned off or on, even when users aren’t at home.

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Save energy and costs

All of these conveniences don’t just simplify life in this residential paradise. They also save energy and money. No appliance is ever left on unnecessarily. A weather station is installed in each building, so that external blinds can automatically block out sunlight or let it in – even if residents don’t think of it themselves or aren’t at home.

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Sensors on windows and doors, alarm system, blinds and lighting settings, smoke alarms and (on request) security cameras can be individually controlled to maximize security.

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