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Whatever your heart desires

What was once fit for a king is an absolute must in paradise: someone to make things that little bit easier, leaving you free to focus on what really matters and enjoy life to the full.

A detailed analysis of the needs of prospective Garden of Eden residents helped us to develop a new premium-concierge service tailor-made for their individual requirements and personal circumstances. We weren’t looking to create a programme to cater to every whim, but a range of services designed to make everyday life noticeably easier.


Mobile and adaptable

The Garden of Eden app means your concierge is always reachable, as well as giving you direct access to a host of services. The concierge is located in the Eden Eye lounge and is on hand to help all tenants and apartment owners.

Home comforts

  • Catering and welcoming guests,
  • booking a limousine or airport transfer,
  • arranging laundry and ironing services,
  • organising delivery times,
  • reminding you of important dates such as birthdays and sending gifts or flowers,
  • reserving tables and theatre tickets.
  • It also extends to getting your garden or terrace ready for winter, and agreeing appointments for car maintenance or a tyre change.

During absence for a longer period

  • Accepting post and mail deliveries,
  • taking care of plants and domestic animals,
  • using the time to organise minor repairs and chores like carpet cleaning.


  • The car has been washed,
  • the apartment has been cleaned and
  • the fridge is well stocked.

With beautiful fresh flowers waiting on the table, your holiday doesn’t end when you walk through the door!

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