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At one with nature

Everything that is built here has to be aligned to people and the natural environment, and not the other way round.

The English landscape garden

Covering precisely one hectare, this piece of parkland is an impressive example of untamed wilderness in the middle of the city. It is an absolute rarity for Vienna, and could even be described as a one of a kind which is also down to the good work of the local authorities.

While English landscape gardening – like the enlightenment – reached Austria in the 18th century, there is virtually nothing left of this particular approach to horticulture in the capital.

Look upon beautiful nature and calm your mind about what must be.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Tamed wilderness

Human input is essential for an English landscape garden. It is important to the entire process of keeping everything as natural as possible while altering nature itself. Aesthetically speaking, classic English parklands take their cue from romantic landscape painting.

Even a supposedly wild English landscape garden is basically tamed nature.

Even a supposedly wild English landscape garden is basically tamed nature.

Wild islets instead of flowerbeds

One key feature found in English landscape gardening seems currently to be missing at the Hohe Warte: water. But as the park has its own underground spring even that is possible – In spite of the steep gradient and complex underground root paths, the finished park will feature a 180 m2 natural pond. Wild islets with bulbs such as narcissus will be planted between the trees.

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